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- 16/02/2012


Unlike any other event to ever take place in Brazil, Virada Digital is a festival celebrating technological innovation, interactivity and sustainable development. Aiming to discuss the social impact of 16 major content areas – education, culture, entertainement, e-gov, games, science, tourism, digital media, sports, food, energy, ecology, e-commerce, labor, health and software – with é um festival de inovação tecnológica, interatividade e desenvolvimento sustentável que vai discutir a sociedade em torno de 16 áreas de conteúdo - educação, cultura, entretenimento, e-gov, games, ciência, turismo, mídias digitais, esportes, alimentação, energia, ecologia, e-commerce, trabalho, saúde e softwares – with the participation of citizens, as well as public, private, academic and third sectors, along with all means of communication.

Besides promoting an open debate and the sharing of ideas, the event will also allow participants to have direct contect with the latest technology,  inventions and prototypes created by research centers from public and private sectors from Brazil and other 12 countries, spreading creativity and entrepenourship.

Virada Digital’s first edition will take place on may 11,12 e 13 2012, in Paraty. This town is a reference in historic and cultural tourism and will host the event in 3 (three) huge pavilions and 7 (seven) Interactive Digital Hubs (HDIs). This non-stop 72h event will also take place, simultaneously,  in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília through 3 (three) HDIs strategically located in these capitals.

Completaly free of charge, the festival will Grant content access in pavilions and hups (subject to seats availability) and will be broadcasted live, online, 24 hours a Day, during the whole three days, allowing interaction, download and non-profit sharing of the event’s content

 Concieved as a contribution to a more susteinably aware and just society, Virada Digital will gather a great team of professionals and curators, with the intent of transforming this event in a unique oportunity for discussion and reflexion on online and offline aspects of society.

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A first time event in Brazil, Virada Digital is the festival of digital innovation, interactivity and sustainable development which will discuss society regarding 16 areas of content.

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