Virada Digital’s team visits Compacto Petrobras

- 27/03/2012


Virada Digital team is really excited with the concerts to be performed during the festival. So much that they decided to drop by at Compacto Petrobras to get a closer look to the 72-hour event schedule.

During the visit, Virada Digital’s creative director, Julio Cabral explained how Compacto Petrobras Stage will be inserted in the Project. " Petrobras and Compacto Petrobras are two different subjects. Petrobras is the sponsor. Compacto is the responsible for Virada Digital Festival concerts", detailed.

Virada Digital’s network coordinator, Ana Carolina Recalde, Said that Compacto Petrobras concept is completely linked to the festival. "It is really innovative. Seasoned artists will be invited as well as newcomers, people who are doing different experiments. And that generates a dialogue between old and new ideas. "

Júlio Cabral loved Compacto Digital’s Brazilian pop musical flavors. "That is awesome, because it is a perfect fit. When we first tried Petrobras sponsorship and explained them the Project, they put us in contact with Compacto, for that is their most important cultural Project ", said Cabral.

Ana Carolina can’t wait to check out the concerts. "Imagine to watch your favorite artists perform with some young blood?", commented in excitement. "I would Love to see Sandra de Sá, but, from the new bands, I would’ve loved to see something a little more metal. I also love MPB (Brazilian Pop Music). It would be interesting to Jam both styles together ".

Virada Digital’s team meets with Compacto Petrobras to close the deal on the concerts to take place at the festival.

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