Alessandra Lariu talks about female entrepreneurship

- 26/04/2012


Alessandra Lariu is the typical female entrepreneur ahead of her time. The advertising agent decided to leave Brazil for New York. However, London was her first stop. "I left Brazil in 1994 and lived in London for 13 years. I've been in NY since 2008", she says. Lariu remembers the time when she got a masters degree scholarship in something that, at that time, did not exist in Brazil. "At the time it was called 'eletronic publishing', which consisted in learning how to make CD-ROMs. It doesn't exist anymore", she laughs.

SheSays web site co-founder and Shout web site executive director, Lariu will take part in Virada Digital on May 12th . The businesswoman will be at Hub Estrela Auditorium for the International Conference which will tackle the issue "Entrepreneurship and Digital Media: The Power of Women in a Network Society".

Chattin with our staff, Lariu said that SheSays is aimed at the educational area. "We offer courses and events in the digital area”, she explains. For Virada Digital, Alessandra will focus on the web site Shout. "I believe it is more interesting, once it is a platform for advertising and design co-creation. For instance: Your brand wishes to make an advertising campaign to release a new product.Instead of looking for an advertising agency, you post your briefing on Shout and e 4000 female professionals in advertising will ‘compete’ to respond to the client’s briefing",  explains. "It is as if we have come up with a new model for virtual advertising and design agencies".

The advantages of this kind of work are many. "Anyone can see everybody's idea and comment on it. It is a totally open creation process which profits from the comments of other professionals. You work with whoever you want, to whoever you want, whenever you want, once it is a virtual platform".

But, how come can only women participate? "Because we are good at collaborating. We always offer constructive criticism which improve the work, instead of 'fighting' to be the Best. I just would like to add I don't hate men, on the contrary!", she jokes.

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The advertising agent will perform on May 12th at Hub Estrela auditorium for the International Conference on “Entreprenourship and Digital Media: The Power of Women in a Network Society”.

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