Bob Wollheim talks about Generation Y

- 26/04/2012


Bob Wollheim technically belongs to Generation X, although he claims that does not bother him. After all, he is an entrepreneur and Sixpix Content’s founder partner, a company specialized in Y content and Appies creator, a business platform for developers. In other words, it is impossible to be more wired then Bob.

Much to our joy, this Brazilian from São Paulo is joining Virada Digital on May 12th. He is going to be at Hub Estrela auditorium from 3 to 4 PM for a chat about what this so called Generation Y is all about and what the digital world is bringing to the universe of labour and entrepreneurship.

Interviewed by our staff, Bob said the event is supposed to be appreciated beyond the boundaries of a lecture or a debate “That is precious, because the conversation does not end in a debate, it is taken to the dinning table”, he observes. “That’s a great ideia! I keep thinking: Why haven’t I thought of that before?”, Bob laughs.

He also talked about what he defines today as Generation Y: “Generation Y is highly wired, totally digital. The great thing about it is that you have a choice. My parents generation, called baby boomers ,wasn’t able to choose. Today that has changed, you have the power to choose your life, your relationships, which country to live in, your sexual orientation”.

However, that also carries a negative aspect. “The bad side is to have everything and not being able to choose anything. It’s the anxiety generation, that is, you have so many options that you end up not choosing at all”, he points out. “Some people cannot absorb things. They keep several tabs in their browser and can’t do anything productive”, Bob concludes.

Bob is also the author of the book “Empreender não é brincadeira” (It is not easy to be an entrepreneur), and, during the festival, will tell his experience on being a young digital urban entrepreneur. “First you have to be aware of what young people want. They are amazing anxiety generators, because they always think they are late. Today is has become cheaper to be an entrepreneur. It is more accessible. However, it demands more talent.”.

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What? - Panel: Generation Y and the New Digital Challenges
When? – Saturday, May 12th
Where? - Hub Estrela Auditorium

Bob Wollheim will join Virada Digital on May 12th. Sixpix Content’s founder partner and Appies creator will talk about what Generation Y and the digital world bring to the work environment.

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