Brazil and other 12 countries united in Paraty

- 27/02/2012


Brazil will be joined by 12 other countries in Paraty during Virada Digital Festival. USA, England, China, Spain, Italy, Germany, Holland, Argentina, Portugal, Chile, Colombia and France have been chosen according to Brazil’s Promotion Plan developed by the Presidency Communications Office (Secom-PR) and by the Ministry of Sports (GECOPA), aiming to unify and align promotional activities advertising Brazil’s image to international audiences.

These countries are part of a chain of priorities set by Secom-PR. Therefore, they have been selected for investments designed to boast touristic, commercial and cultural relations as potential partners.

These 12 countries will be represented by public and private research centers and scientific institutes that promote technological innovation. These centers will provide content and international attractions which will be part of our programming.

Based on the tri-factor – Innovation, interactivity and sustainable development -, the festival will bring to light some discussions related to Brazil’s reality and provide the sharing of knowledge and uses among these 12 countries, in an exchange of culture and technology.

Besides Brazil, 12 countries will take part in Virada Digital Festival, bringing the latest in cutting edge development from their science research centers and institutes promoting technological innovation in public and private sectors. Virada Digital will provide cultural and technological exchange.

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