Equipe Virada Digital – Episódio 10

- 03/05/2012


Virada Digital is nearly here and there are people yet to be introduced in this big team. On our tenth episode of “Equipe Virada Digital”  we are going to meet our producer, Bira Galarça. He is part of the production staff located in Paraty and works mainly with the technical and structural parts of the event.


Always smiling and cheered by all the staff as he arrives in the Office, Bira gets all the local logistics ready for the assembly of the physical structures (hubs and domes).

Since the event is located in the cosy historical town of Paraty, Bira comments on local issues which are “a big box of surprises”. Despite that, everything is already in place to receive our tech team and set the event in motion.

Virada Digital happens on May 11th   12th  and 13th in Paraty. Are you going to miss out?

Bira Galarça is a member of Virada Digital’s Production Staff. On this episode, he is going to tell us more about his job at the festival.

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