Cisco approves innovation on Virada Digital

- 05/04/2012


 “It is an innovative project”. This is the definition given by Amos Maidantchik, Cisco’s public sector director, to Virada Digital. During Cisco Plus Brazil 2012 downtown Rio de Janeiro, Maidantchik explained that the Project will gather society, public and private enterprises and people in general such as students and professionals.

With that in mind, Cisco, Virada Digital’s technological sponsor, has bet on 72 hours of online connectivity. “As we are a company focused on innovation, join a Project such as Virada Digital is always a safe bet.”, said proudly. As a major developer of communications network equipment, Cisco will provide the event with cutting edge products and services. “We live to provide online connectivity 24/7”, explained Amos.

That is what makes Virada Digital an excellent case for Cisco. “It is an interesting form of nation wide exposure, once the event occurs not only in Paraty, but also in several capitals through online connection. Therefore, most of Brazil will be connected throughout the 72 hours ofVirada Digital”, ended Amos.

The biggest communications network equipment manufacturer, Cisco, Virada Digital’s technological sponsor, will provide equipment, products and state of the art services.

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